Who we help

Our commitment at AJN Accountants is to provide you with more than just number crunching; we offer a partnership that helps navigate the complexities of finance, ensuring your business thrives in every financial aspect.


We offer comprehensive accounting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, understanding the intricacies and challenges they face. Our services are designed to streamline financial processes, enhance tax efficiency, and support business growth.

Sole Traders & Freelancers

For sole traders and freelancers, our services are focused on simplifying accounting complexities. We provide personalised support in tax planning, financial management, and compliance, ensuring freelancers can focus on their professional pursuits without financial worries.


We provide specialised accounting solutions for individuals with PAYE earnings over £100,000 per annum.

Specialist Sectors

Social Media Influencers: Tailored financial advice and services that cater to the unique needs of digital content creators. 

Private Doctors & Dentists: Customised accounting solutions for healthcare professionals, focusing on tax efficiency.

 Landlords: Comprehensive property accounting services, including rental income management and tax advice.