Modern accountants,
traditional work ethic.

AJN was set up in 2013 with a vision to provide a high-quality service tailored specifically to meet clients specific needs.

To do this we pay attention to our clients and understand them and their goals in detail. This ethos coupled with the use of time saving technology and tax saving strategies, provides a winning formula for growing businesses and in turn happy clients.

Our Core Values


Complying with relevant laws and regulations and maintaining the required skills and attitude required of a professional.


Modern businesses must move with the evolving business world. We only use the best, including secure cloud software.


Being Honest and Straightforward in all our dealings. We commit to transparency and to foster an environment of openness.


Building a sense of community amongst our clients and professional network to add value to each others businesses.


Years Experience


Happy Clients


Hours Saved


Tax Savings

Why Choose Us?

Fixed Fees

Our billing is transparent, and we have a range of options to satisfy the needs of any business. Our packages include email and phone assistance. We encourage our customers to contact us when they have questions.

Customer Service

If you are looking for exceptional customer service, you’re at the right place! All of our clients are assigned a personal account manager who is there to ensure there are open communication channels at all times.

Proactive Advice

We listen to you and understand your unique goals and ambitions. We develop a comprehensive understanding of your objectives to tailor our services to align with your stated goals and devise strategies to achieve these.

Cloud Accounting Software

At AJN we take your financial security seriously, which is why we rely on industry leading accounting software available to safeguard your data and streamline processes.

Industry specific account managers

Our staff have a range of experiences and expertise. They will have worked in your industry and understand your sector. This wealth of firsthand industry knowledge enables us to provide tailored solutions that resonate with the unique challenges and opportunities within your specific market.

Our commitment to continuous learning ensures that our staff stays abreast of the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, and evolving market dynamics.

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Achieving your goals

We advocate strongly the use of a goals based approach where business strategies are formed based on the goal in mind. By adopting this methodology, together we can align our efforts and resources more effectively, ensuring that every strategic decision is purposefully directed towards a common goal.

  • Your Business Ltd
  • Competitor A
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Frequently Asked Questions

What accounting services do small businesses need?
Small businesses typically require monthly bookkeeping, and assistance with tax returns for HMRC and/or Companies House.
How much should accounting services cost for a small business?
Costs vary based on individual business needs. AJN Accountants offer tailored monthly plans for cost-effective solutions.
Which types of small businesses do AJN Accountants cater to?

AJN Accountants supports a variety of small businesses, including sole traders, start-ups, limited companies, and partnerships, offering customised services.

What are business accounting services offered by AJN Accountants?
Services include bookkeeping, invoicing, tax returns, payroll, VAT services, and year-end accounts, to your needs.
Is there a minimum contract period with AJN Accountants?
No minimum contract period is required, offering flexibility with a fixed monthly fee.
What if I need to switch accountants?
AJN Accountants simplifies the transition from your ex-accountant, ensuring your involvement is minimal.