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New Businesses/Startups
As a startup, you might not be thinking much about taxes, but making mistakes could lead to penalties and interest later on. We’ll guide you through everything you need to know about business taxes, from registering for VAT to keeping the right documents, understanding the tax year, and knowing your tax responsibilities.

Established Businesses
Our team will guide you on the taxes due, working towards making your company as tax-efficient as possible.

Our experts will assist you in choosing the best business structure, outlining the pros and cons of each option. We’ll help you extract funds from your business, establish a system that suits both you and your company, and explore the most tax-efficient methods for buying, selling, or restructuring the business.

Ayoub Merali
Ayoub Merali
AJN have been extremely helpful in assisting me with my tax requirements. Being resident across multiple jurisdictions, my tax affairs involved dealing with the statutory residency test and Omair was extremely helpful, showing empathy and technical expertise. Highly recommend AJN
Leslie Linguiti
Leslie Linguiti
I had a great experience with Omair and am very grateful to all of his help and confidence in sorting out a stressful issue - definitely recommend, thank you!
Sarah Neal
Sarah Neal
I've been a client of Omair's for several years and very happy with their service and commitment to seeing my business succeed. Efficient and professional company and I highly recommend using AJN Accountants.
Richard Hunt
Richard Hunt
I reached out to Omair at AJN in need of assistance after getting frustrated with my then current accountant and was met with exactly what I needed - a calm, patient and knowledgable professional. Omair explained matters to me in simple terms and provided me different options and did all that he promised in line with when he promised. AJN are now my accountants and I cannot recommend their services enough.
Toby Lampier
Toby Lampier
Very efficient and friendly service. In-depth knowledge of the matter at hand and gave good impartial advice. Would recommend.
Abqur Qureshi
Abqur Qureshi
Was recommended by a friend, haven’t looked back since AJN Accountants Limited is the way forward, will be and would recommend to any business owner, to sum it up in one word, faultless! Highly recommended!!!!!
Daniel Stanbridge
Daniel Stanbridge
A personable, professional and efficient service from start to finish, can not recommend highly enough.
Ian Viggars
Ian Viggars
AJN have been my accountants for over 5 years now. I'm a sole trader and they provide a very helpful and courteous service for someone like myself who doesn't necessarily understand the ins and outs of taxes. Omair in particular is always incredibly helpful with any questions I have about my tax returns.
kevin dzakpasu
kevin dzakpasu
I’ve been with AJN Accountants since 2016 and have been nothing but happy with their service, courtesy, professional behaviour and willingness to provide their clients with more than just a book keeping service. The team is prompt to respond to queries, takes the time to thoroughly explain things and works with me to ensure I am fully aligned & clear on my company’s financial position.

How We Work?

Allocating you a Specialist

With a team of professionals, we take pleasure in offering personalised tax advisory services to our clients. Our specialised tax advice provides in-depth insights to assist you in making effective financial decisions.

We dedicate time to comprehend your circumstances, whether you’re running a business or planning to start one.

Collaborate with you for a tailored service

Accelerate your growth

Identify Areas to Save Tax

By conducting a thorough analysis of your business, we pinpoint areas where tax can be minimised, highlighting opportunities to bolster your financial success without compromising on compliance.

Submission of Tax Return

Our proficiency in preparing and submitting tax returns ensures that your business meets all deadlines, avoiding penalties and interest. Should any questions or issues arise, our team is ready to provide support and guidance.

Switching to us is easy

Making the switch to AJN Accountants is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free. We take charge of all complexities, ensuring your transition is smooth with minimal disruption to your financial operations.

Our dedicated team facilitates a seamless switch, including liaising with your previous accountant to safely migrate all important systems and data, requiring minimal effort on your part. Our commitment is to make your transition as smooth and effortless as possible, allowing you to focus on your business with peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can tax planning benefit my small business?
Tax planning is crucial for small businesses as it helps identify ways to minimise tax liabilities within the legal framework, ultimately improving cash flow and profitability. Effective tax planning strategies can include selecting the appropriate business structure, taking advantage of available tax allowances and deductions, and planning for significant expenses or investments in a tax-efficient manner. Our service ensures that your small business is not only compliant with tax laws but also positioned to take full advantage of tax-saving opportunities.
What are the key components of effective tax planning?
Effective tax planning encompasses several key components, including understanding current tax regulations, forecasting future tax liabilities, and implementing strategies to reduce, defer, or eliminate tax payments legally. It involves a comprehensive analysis of the business’s financial situation, investment planning, and decision-making on expenses and deductions. Our experts work closely with you to develop a tax planning strategy that aligns with your business goals and financial situation, ensuring an optimal tax position.
How does financial advice integrate with tax planning services?
Financial advice is an integral part of our tax planning services, providing a holistic approach to managing your business’s finances. It goes beyond tax compliance to include advice on business growth strategies, investment decisions, and financial risk management, all of which are influenced by tax considerations. By integrating financial advice with tax planning, we ensure that every financial decision supports your overall business objectives while minimising tax liabilities.
Can your service help with international tax planning for businesses expanding overseas?
Yes, our Tax Planning & Advice Service includes support for businesses expanding internationally. Navigating the tax implications of international expansion can be complex, involving double taxation agreements, overseas tax regulations, and cross-border transactions. Our team has the expertise to provide guidance on international tax planning, ensuring that your business maximises global opportunities in a tax-efficient manner while remaining compliant with international tax laws.
How often should my business review its tax planning strategy?
The dynamic nature of both business operations and tax legislation means that your tax planning strategy should be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains effective and compliant. We recommend conducting a formal tax planning review at least annually, ahead of the new financial year or tax season. However, significant business events such as mergers, acquisitions, expansion, or changes in tax laws may necessitate more frequent reviews. Our service includes proactive monitoring and communication to ensure your tax strategy adapts to changes in your business environment and legislation, guaranteeing optimal tax efficiency and compliance at all times.