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Payroll management is a critical function within any business, encompassing the comprehensive process of compensating employees. This includes the calculation of salaries, wages, bonuses, and deductions, alongside ensuring adherence to tax laws and regulations. Effective payroll management is vital for maintaining employee satisfaction and meeting statutory requirements.

Auto-enrolment stands as a pivotal UK government initiative, aimed at fostering a culture of savings among employees towards their retirement. It mandates employers to automatically enrol eligible staff into a qualifying pension scheme, contributing towards it and managing the process seamlessly.

Ayoub Merali
Ayoub Merali
AJN have been extremely helpful in assisting me with my tax requirements. Being resident across multiple jurisdictions, my tax affairs involved dealing with the statutory residency test and Omair was extremely helpful, showing empathy and technical expertise. Highly recommend AJN
Leslie Linguiti
Leslie Linguiti
I had a great experience with Omair and am very grateful to all of his help and confidence in sorting out a stressful issue - definitely recommend, thank you!
Sarah Neal
Sarah Neal
I've been a client of Omair's for several years and very happy with their service and commitment to seeing my business succeed. Efficient and professional company and I highly recommend using AJN Accountants.
Richard Hunt
Richard Hunt
I reached out to Omair at AJN in need of assistance after getting frustrated with my then current accountant and was met with exactly what I needed - a calm, patient and knowledgable professional. Omair explained matters to me in simple terms and provided me different options and did all that he promised in line with when he promised. AJN are now my accountants and I cannot recommend their services enough.
Toby Lampier
Toby Lampier
Very efficient and friendly service. In-depth knowledge of the matter at hand and gave good impartial advice. Would recommend.
Abqur Qureshi
Abqur Qureshi
Was recommended by a friend, haven’t looked back since AJN Accountants Limited is the way forward, will be and would recommend to any business owner, to sum it up in one word, faultless! Highly recommended!!!!!
Daniel Stanbridge
Daniel Stanbridge
A personable, professional and efficient service from start to finish, can not recommend highly enough.
Ian Viggars
Ian Viggars
AJN have been my accountants for over 5 years now. I'm a sole trader and they provide a very helpful and courteous service for someone like myself who doesn't necessarily understand the ins and outs of taxes. Omair in particular is always incredibly helpful with any questions I have about my tax returns.
kevin dzakpasu
kevin dzakpasu
I’ve been with AJN Accountants since 2016 and have been nothing but happy with their service, courtesy, professional behaviour and willingness to provide their clients with more than just a book keeping service. The team is prompt to respond to queries, takes the time to thoroughly explain things and works with me to ensure I am fully aligned & clear on my company’s financial position.

Why opt for our
Registered Office Address Service?

Build Trust

A registered company address is more than just a legal formality; it’s a beacon of your business’s credibility and professionalism. Opting for a prestigious address through our service not only meets your legal obligations but also enhances your company’s image in the eyes of clients, partners, and other businesses.

It’s a strategic move that signifies reliability and trustworthiness, crucial qualities in today’s competitive market.

Protect your Personal Address

With our Registered Office Address Service, you can protect your personal privacy and reduce the risk of fraud. By using a dedicated business address, your personal details remain off public records like Companies House, providing a layer of security and peace of mind.

This service ensures that any public disclosure shows our professional address instead, keeping your home address private.

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Making the switch to AJN Accountants is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free. We take charge of all complexities, ensuring your transition is smooth with minimal disruption to your financial operations.

Our dedicated team facilitates a seamless switch, including liaising with your previous accountant to safely migrate all important systems and data, requiring minimal effort on your part. Our commitment is to make your transition as smooth and effortless as possible, allowing you to focus on your business with peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What documents are required to set up a registered office address service?
To establish a registered office address service, you typically need to provide proof of your company’s incorporation, such as the Certificate of Incorporation, and personal identification documents for the directors and beneficial owners. This may include a passport or driving licence and a recent utility bill or bank statement as proof of personal address. Our team will guide you through the specific requirements to ensure a smooth setup process.
Can I use the registered office address on my business cards and website?
Yes, once you have set up your registered office address service with us, you can use this address on your business cards, website, and other marketing materials. It presents a professional image to clients and contacts, enhancing your business’s credibility. However, it’s important to note that this address is primarily for statutory and official correspondence purposes.
How quickly can I set up a registered office address with your service?
Our registered office address service can be set up swiftly, often within a few hours to a business day, following the submission and verification of all required documents. We strive to ensure the process is as efficient as possible, allowing you to start using your new registered address without delay.
What happens if legal documents are received at the registered office address?
Any legal documents or statutory correspondence received at your registered office address will be handled according to your instructions. Typically, we notify you promptly of any received mail and forward it to you either digitally or via post, depending on your preference. Our team ensures that you are informed of any important communications from HMRC, Companies House, or other legal entities in a timely manner.
Is it possible to change my registered office address in the future?
Yes, you can change your registered office address if needed. The process involves notifying Companies House of the change, which can be done online or by post. We can assist you with this transition, ensuring that the change is registered correctly and that there is no disruption to your statutory mail handling. It’s important to keep your registered office address up to date to maintain compliance with legal requirements.